Friday, 24 May 2013

Wychwood ... Six Days to Go

Now we are looking towards Saturday 1st June, what will be on offer at Wychwood for the children (their families and me?) plus you, the potential visitor?

The programme for the day begins at a very respectable 10.30am (allowing some of the revellers from Friday a lie-in) with Lynne Armstrong Hobbs as well as Winnie and Kipper.

Lynne is the author of the Firwood books, there are currently 3 with a 4th being written - perhaps she will reveal a little about the story to come?

There will be Storycubes at 12.30 about which I am very intrigued and even more so by the afternoon offering of David Lloyd Music Man ... singing, slapstick and more are on offer so plenty more fun and noise is on the agenda!

There may be a crocodile making an appearance courtesy of Wendy Meddor and I am quite certain that Philip Ardagh's beard will be a suitable challenge to Mr Twits!

Fun, fun fun ...

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