Friday, 24 May 2013

Wychwood ... Seven days to go ...

Now there are only 7 days to go so next Friday, May 31st what will be happening at Wychwood?

The author programme launches on Saturday 1st June but the tents will be there ready and waiting so I will be able to enjoy some Dahl, storytelling, puppetry and more whilst making sure I am orientated and have a programme in hand ready for a busy Saturday!

Looking at the advance programme I think that a change of clothes will be in order and not just because of the changeable great British weather but the promise of messy crafts at the Roald Dahl story museum tent - Mr Dahl would be proud!  There will also be more than enough noise to counter all the music shows with noisy storytelling and then there may just be time for some dressing up fun with mask making activities too!

As this is truly a family festival I am quite certain that the adults won't be overlooked either so you  need to come prepared for lots of action and fun too, bedtime stories will probably not be needed but your story telling abilities may be tested and challenged by a few of the authors and you may even pick up some tips too.

So with seven days to go I now have a better idea of what I might need to pack:

change of clothes - check
ear plugs?

I can't wait ...

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