Thursday, 23 May 2013

One Week and Counting

It's only 8 days until I get my train to Cheltenham for the Wychwood Festival and I am getting more excited as the hours roll past.  I'm also hoping for some good weather!

What will I do when I arrive, well apart from the obvious pitching of the tent and settling in I will look around, grab my programme and highlight the events I am going to be attending, working out if I can actually get around everything - why - because there is so much to do for families and children.  

All events are taking place in the literature tent so I may well just camp ut there but if I did do that I may miss something so it will be a good base from which to explore all that is on offer in the Kids Literature Festival.

As well as all the authors I will hopefully be meeting, listening to and sharing stories with there are the Storytelling Ponies, miniature shetlands with whom children can talk, having learnt their special language.  This skill will encourage the children to listen and understand, skills that they need not just for reading but for life.

If all that is too serious or the children are all hogging the ponies then I shall make my way over to another tent, this one with the Roald Dahl Museum in it where I hope to find that some oompa loompas are nosily delivering stories from Revolting Rhymes to Dirty Beasts.

So has this whet your appetite yet?  It has mine and I am going to try and ensure my remaining 8 sleeps are good ones in preparation for all the excitement.

Don't worry though, this is not all, I will be back again in a day or two to tell you more ...

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