Sunday, 10 March 2013

Reflections on Worlds of Books

World Book Day meant a busy week for me!  I know that sounds very odd but it is quite amazing how long it is possible to continue the celebrations for and this is also quite a wonderful thing for it means there can be a build up to the celebration and then a cementing of all the good it does as a result.

For me World Book Day was a visit to one of my school’s pre-preps and a morning spent with nursery children watching them parade in their costumes – their favourite book characters – reading stories, playing with finger puppets to bring the stories to life, and making character masks.  It was all great fun!
It was also a 'Big Book Swap'; children all donated one book in order to swap for another and to see the pleasure on their faces when they realised not only would they have freedom of choice but that the book they chose was then theirs to keep, was just priceless.

So World Book Day, thank you, for helping to create another buzz about reading and a renewed enthusiasm for the children, one that I hope will stay with them for the year to come.

I work hard to make sure there is a constant enthusiasm for books and reading the books that arrive in parcels for me each day of the week certainly help for the children are constantly curious about what lies within.  Being able to share with them, and with you through this Blog, the magazine and other social media outlets means that I can cover books from the mainstream publishers as well as those who are independent.  Hence today I bring you some short reviews of books from Blue Apple press.  These are charming, well produced and well-written books, one is a storybook the others are activity books, I recommend them all highly, each for a different reason, becoming clear as you read.

The Princess and the Peas and Carrots by Harriet Ziefert, illustrated by Travis Foster
For children who insist that things must be just so this is the perfect antidote!  Rosebud likes things to be just so and she is incredibly fussy – on the beach sand in her bathing suit means a change of clothes, snow in the snow boots? A change of shoes and so the story goes on.  When one night going to bed becomes a trial a fairy tale is called for... What will Rosebud learn as a result and will it make a difference?  A funny story with a strong message and a lovely version of a traditional fairy-tale too!

Doodle tom.  A Space Doodle Odyssey, illustrated by Elsie Gravel
Packed with more than 100 intergalactic drawing games, fun facts and even space stickers this is a book for the activity loving curious child.
Doodle Tom and Astrocat are on a mission; a space mission.  You can go too, with a pencil being all you need.  Start with the spaceship which you can trace, learn about how to boost in into space, and colour it in before you then turn over to find out some fascinating facts about flight and balloons the space race and even space exploration. 
Fly out to the planets, learn some amazing facts – did you know for example that Mercury was the closest planet to the moon or that the Earth moves at 66,700 miles per hour?
So much to learn and so many things to do ... I for one was captivated and sad that I had to leave the book for the children to enjoy!

Kokeshi Dolls, illustrated by Jessica Secheret
Ever heard of Kokeshi Dolls?  No nor had I until today ... Originating in Japan 200 years ago they are lucky charm dolls and nine of them are waiting in this book to be decorated by you!  Each doll has three pages of associated colouring scenes and there are four pages of stickers to use too!

Red Cat, Blue Cat by Jenni Desmond
Red Cat Blue Cat, two cats, jealous cats.  Helping children to recoginze the pitfalls of jealousy and the importance of being yourself this is a funny, clever story book for readers to share with parents or friends and family members.  Cat-lovers will love it, fans of humour will love it, I loved it, I think you will love it too!

These books are just a few examples of some of the many I receive but I wanted to share them with you as part of my consideration of world book day.  Remember to come back regularly for more thoughts on more new books and above all else remember to continue to be inspired by World Book Day, making each and every day a Book day!

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