Monday, 4 January 2016

Books with meaning

Now I know all books have meaning, to any author or illustrator associated with them, to their editors and publishers but perhaps most of all to their readers ... and so with this in mind I have two very special books to recommend.

Both books are from Nosy Crow, a small, independent and very high quality publishers whose books each year are few but amazing.

The first book, a Christmas title with a supremely important message is linked to the ongoing refugee crisis and as such is Nosy Crow's way of doing something to help by raising money and also helping parents to address the difficult questions children may raise when they see the news coverage.

The book is incredibly moving, so beautifully written it will take your breath away and its text is so well matched to its illustrations that although the story may seem familiar it is also at once new and different.  No money will go to Nosy Crow if you buy this book, all those involved in its sale and distribution have waived their fees, and only the printing costs need to be covered which means £5 from each and every copy sold will go directly to War Child 

This is an important book not only this Christmas but throughout the year too, those who have children in the family or who work with children will find it moving and invaluable and I encourage you all to find a copy.

So what is its story? It is the Christmas story focusing on the fleeing of Jesus and his parents from the soldiers of Herod, into sanctuary in Egypt.  Told from the perspective of the donkey who carries them on their journey this is a clever, thoughtful, lyrical and beautiful book.

Another, completely different book from Nosy Crow yet still a very special one, is The Many Worlds of Albie Bright by Christopher Edge.   Published on 14th January this is a short insight for you into what promises to be an early hit in 2016.  I ma quite certain that this book will find its way into the hearts of children and adults alike with its honest and curious Albie searching for meaning after loosing his mother to her battle against cancer.  Whilst the book is amusing, easy to read and fun it is also serious at its heart and helps us all, adults and children alike, to understand how we can cope when we lose a loved one and also how the universe and quantum physics may have a bigger role to play than we could ever imagine!

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