Saturday, 18 January 2014

Little Time, Little Books Blog

So many books, so little time but what about when you have little books and little time??  Sudden Saturday afternoon thought – I can read them of course!
The prefect way to fill a little time is with a little book, even better if you can share said little book with a little person, unfortunately I don’t have one of those around at the moment so adult thoughts about little people’s books are coming your way …

The books in question are two charming board books from the American publisher Gibbs Smith.  They are part of the BabyLit series created by Suzanne Gibbs Taylor.  The series takes very well known classic literature and transforms it into books for babies.  Did you ever think that you would see a Jane Eyre or Jabberwocky for the littlest reader?  Well now you can!

Jane Eyre, A Counting Primer written by Jennifer Adams with art by Alison Oliver is a Little Miss Bronte title.  A small board book, perfect for little hands and very chewable too, should the fancy take, it succinctly tells Jane’s tale in 10 simple words, teaching the smallest reader how to count and at the same time introducing them to a timeless classic.  Begin with 1 Governess, pick up 2 Trunks and off you go until you reach 10 Books.  Each double page spread has the number, its associated word and some gothic but very child friendly artwork.  Brilliant!

Jabberwocky A Nonsense Primer again written by Jennifer Adams and with art by Alison Oliver is a Little Master Carroll title.  It follows the same format, double page spread, words and artwork on one, artwork on the other.  This one is bright and colourful, matching its theme.  It is of course complete nonsense but it will have grown-ups and little readers giggling with delight at the sounds these silly words make.

Two perfect little books for anyone and everyone, for we all have a little time, it is how we use it that matters and what could be better than using it wisely with a little person and a little book?

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